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New Bartered Project

Good morning ladies and gents! Yesterday Mac and I headed outside early. We were set out on a mission to plant some more things. We decided to be nice to my other half and plant some radishes….EW! We planted onions, lettuce, lavender, flowers and some other odds n ends. I added more dirt to my potato towers which are exploding. My mom thinks I should “stomp” the stems down on top so they produce larger potatoes…anyone ever heard of this? Oh, I am sure my neighbors will love watching me “stomp” my potatoes. Then we headed over to grandmas house. We got to chatting on her back deck and bartered services. She needed her lawn mowed and her pool drained.  

I think I got the better end of this deal but I agreed. I took off mowing her lawn while she gathered scrap wood and her tools. She drew a sketch and got to building. We talked, built, moved wood for hours as Mac played on his wooden play set. Finally, it was time to bring it to my house for construction. 

Yes, up it went. While grandma was putting it together Mac took a pen and drew photos inside for the new owners to see. He did such a good job drawing on the inside I wish I could keep them myself but I know they will always there! 

After a while, it was clear, it was going to take longer then expected. So I started a fire and made our dinner on it. Sure enough not only did my neighbors have some entertainment they also had to smell some BBQ Ribs and Ranch potatoes. Nothing better then a home cooked campfire meal for all of our hard work. So I guess you want to know what I bartered my mom for?

Any guesses? How abut a hint?

We still have to put a door on, roof it and stain it. But this is basically the final project before the cosmetics go on it. What do you think? Who do you think won this round of Bartering? I mean my mom got her lawn mowed, all of it (her backyard is on a huge hill) lunch, dinner (made by yours truly) pool drained and my company/helping hands, traded for this surprise building built…..

Yep, I think I got the better end of this deal too!