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How to go with the designer flow

Today I wanted to talk about clothing on children. I have no idea when other moms start this but at the age of three I let Mac decide what he wants to wear each morning. That’s right if he were ever to choose something mismatched and was adamant about it I think I would let him go outside with it on. Some of you, I’m sure think I am crazy but I would! He is own person and needs to learn to make decisions and figure out is own style.  

He usually chooses things that match so I have not experienced that yet. I have on occasion experienced him toting along “accessories” to anywhere we my be traveling for the day. It can be a collection of things, toys, stuffies, pins (with mommies help), beaded necklaces etc.

This hoodie has to be one of his favorites to wear with the mask. In the morning if it is chilly I asked him if he wanted to wear this and to my surprise he said no. I had to do a little investigating because this is a beloved sweater. Sure enough he said ” I don’t wanna wear it, people laugh at me”. I was shocked and then realized that I to laugh when he flips his mask on. Not laugh at him of course but this mask makes you smile especially when he shows off his “muscles”. So after a little convincing he learned and realized although people may laugh or smile it is not always at you personally. Someday people may laugh at his choices of clothing but for now that wasn’t the case.

Ah rain boots. I blame this on Grandma! It doesn’t matter if it is so hot the mosquitos are taking the day off, he wants to wear them. He will pair these babies with shorts, pants, sometimes tries to convince me to let him wear just undies and these bad boys. I try and support all of these except the undies, because he made this decision on his own and he loves them.  

So on to the real reason I wrote this blog today verses another. Yesterday, we went into Rite Aid and he was wearing his “Superman Cape”, rain boots and shorts. A teenager walked by, luckily Mac did not hear him, and say “I am never having kids”. I thought wow that’s awful rude of you. But then I walked a little further down the aisle and realized maybe he just didn’t realize the lessons and what fun having a child really was/is. My son may love to dress himself in fun “designer” getups but as his mom I support those decisions and will walk proudly next t him! So encourage, not make fun of or knock their style down. This could be a small but vital part of a child’s growth from looking at you as his/her parent to a supportive and loving Mom.

He is my little man and honestly if I had a cape I’d have worn it yesterday too!

Because having a child is the best gift ever and sometimes it’s a cape wearing day!



  1. The Happiness Blogger
    March 12, 2015 / 11:56 pm

    He's adorable! my niece (age 3) is very stylish and often wears her princess nightgown everywhere. She really loves that thing. Her second favorite is a rainbow tutu. totally fun! I think it's great that you let your son grow into his own.

    PS – thanks for linking up to the sparks of happiness link up 🙂

  2. Anonymous
    March 17, 2015 / 6:30 am

    Hi fellow happiness Linkee, I am Mackenzie, this post really made me smile, so cute!