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How to make a Homemade Piñata

 I have been getting slammed with FREE magazines lately. I am not complaining because I do read each of them! Now that I have them, read them, what do I do with them? I donated TONS. As most of you now Mclachlan’s birthday Party is today and I wanted to share my

Homemade Piñata I made for him.  

I thought I would talk you through how I made this in case you were interested!

I started with three balloons. I taped them together to stay with Scotts tape, it was windy.

How to make, Paper machete. Add glue and water together and dip paper into it. Pretty simple! I cut the magazines into 4 sections to help with applying. Whilst I was doing this Mac came around and saw things all sprawled out. 

So what did he do? He dug in and started to help.

At first I wanted to get after him and shoo him away because, then the surprise was lost. 

But he was having so much fun it was priceless. And now I have a helper.

So together we started creating his Piñata!

I wanted to make him a racecar.

I used very flimsy paper machete because he is young and this was his first.

We attached cardboard to the front, back and sides to help shape it.

Yes I pain stacking-ly created this “master piece” whilst sitting on our front porch. 

My lower back KILLS! My fingers are sore and my butt, no longer has feeling. 

BUT look at the results! What do you think?

 I covered the magazine paper with tissue paper layers.

After that he wanted me to add yellow accents.

Then he wanted numbers on it. So we added those.

Then he wanted a “M&M” on the hood and him in the driver seat.

So I drew all of that because I know he LOVES the number 18 “M&M racecar”.

This was/is his homemade Piñata we made together.

I hope I works today and they have fun knocking it around.