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DEALS in Myrtle Beach

I didn’t want to mention anything before we left but we did this last year on our Myrtle Beach trip too. This way I could take pictures to show how I did it. You can grab a coupon book at any informational welcome center, store from in the Free coupon book stands or gas stations. There are tons of them around. The pages look like this (picture above)

If you notice they have several coupons for “Free” items with NO PURCHASE! I did use a couple discounted coupons to grab some inexpensive souvenirs. As you can see I snatched a Bear that says

“Myrtle beach”. I love doing this because you can go to some really cool stores and they are handing out freebie! You just take the coupon in and ask the cashier where the free items are located.

This is the haul that we managed to score while in Myrtle Beach. Some of you are thinking wow this stuff looks familiar because we gave it to you as a gift! Why spend lots of money on take home trinkets? We spent maybe $6 on all the items you see above!! I also want to point out that fabulous Victoria Secret umbrella I scored for FREE. How did I do that? We brought little man to the boardwalk play area so he could run around and enjoy the sun. While watching him play we sat at the “mom” tables. A hot dog vendor was right outside the play area fence and a family was deciding to shell out $5.50 for a hot dog each. So being the Savvy savor I offered my expert opinion on some other choices that were cheaper and better food in my opinion. We started talking and they decided Subs, chips and drink for $6 was a better deal because they could all share the subs since they were so big. After that we were friends chatting about the deals in the area and best places to go. Next thing I knew they were heading to do more sighting seeing and the lady gave me one of her 3~FREE Victoria Secret umbrellas she had gotten due to her purchases in the store. As a sort of thank for saving them loads of money and helping them out. SO THANK YOU!