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Myrtle Beach boardwalk

We went to the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk yesterday. It’s wonderful and FREE! To walk around, look at shops, they have a lot of tourist attractions but we decided not to go to them. We had so much fun doing things that really didn’t cost much money it was so nice. Mac must be a little savvy saver because he pretty much choose what we did.

Feeding the ducks cost .25 cents. They came up and ate right out of our hands it was AWESOME! It didn’t cost us much and he was laughing and carrying on people stopped to watch and joined in.

We had balloon animals made. This was by donation so we donated 2 for $2. Where else can you get a fishing pole (with fish attached) and a giraffe for $2?

We looked into shops and played around. We did try to eat on the boardwalk BUT had a BAD experience at Johnny Rockets. The food was so greasy we sent it back, talked to a manager who said all of their food is cooked in that much grease (eww) and then went to Louie’s for subs and fries $5. If you are heading to Myrtle Beach check this place out. It’s a arcade, has pool tables on the second floor, flat screens, great food and deals.